Meal prep 101 — 3 steps to making it work!

Having moved country in the last year, my OCD dietary requirements were challenged by the lack of quality takeout. I had to decide, learn to cook or settle for substandard nutrition. The only problem was, I had no idea where to begin and how to start. Asking google and friends who were meal prep gurus… Continue reading Meal prep 101 — 3 steps to making it work!

Can you be in full time employment and run a business at the same time?

I often get asked how I run a business and hold down a full time job as a doctor. Which had me pondering the question — Are you able to run a business while holding down a full time job? A quick search on the internet seemed to be of the idea that it is possible. It… Continue reading Can you be in full time employment and run a business at the same time?

Lessons I learned from competing

Two weeks ago, I competed in my first weightlifting/Crossfit competition. It was exhilarating, nerve wrecking, scary and satisfying all at the same time. I have been training on my Olympic lifts for 6 months now. If you have ever picked up a new hobby, 6 months is when you have just gotten over the awkward… Continue reading Lessons I learned from competing

Finding and retaining good people

In the last 5 years of entrepreneurship, we have had 100% staff retention. This is my proudest achievement and not the million dollars revenue or profits we achieved. Perhaps a main reason is the industry we are in, but here are some of my thoughts on what worked for us. 1. Reward your employees While… Continue reading Finding and retaining good people